BELOVED Dancers, Teachers, Parents, Supporters and Organisers,

I am once more excited and honoured to welcome all of you to the 80th Chapter of the South African Open Dance Championships, featuring the Competitive, Social, Disco/Freestyle and Traditional Faculties of SADF. Our most sincere appreciation to ALL our dancers who have journeyed from all over the country and our neighboring states of Botswana and Lesotho, to come and contest for the South African Dance TITLES. Broadly speaking, the committed and dedicated team of officers of the South African Dance Foundation forms the backbone of the success of our ORGANISATION. The team excels and makes the SADF tasks a pleasant journey.

The objectives and achievements of the various Branches and Faculties are annually detailed separately and respectively, however, please allow me to mention some specific performance highlights: -

  • During the 2014 WDC Meetings, the SADF achieved Membership of WDC AL which will broaden opportunities for our dancers, more importantly the international trends and standards,

  • The SADF Super Series, with its three legs strongly entrenched, are now geared up to become Title Events with the 2015 Dancing Calendar looking exciting,

  • Our AMBASSADORS in both the amateur and professional ranks have held the country’s flag high, understanding the pride of our country’s national colours whilst representing the country at the different dance championships across the universe,

  • The SADF promoted a healthy Collaborative spirit, with its sister Faculties and Branches having shared platforms through developments workshops and at competitions such as this, where all our Faculties are able to UNITE for a common cause,

  • The Membership Growth in general, has made significant improvements, New Office Bearers, the BOD, which also serves as EXCO, Branches and Faculties are in their new term of office

  • Our IT System, with the LAUNCH of the new SADF website already up and running is a testimony of our willingness to share as much knowledge and information with our members thruogh technology. We therefore edge you to regularly visit the website and enjoy all reports and offerings that are brought to you by the SADF,

Regardless of the continued differences and difficulties which we usually stumble against in order to achieve our Vision, which is “One powerful and proactive voice representing all forms of dance in South Africa, able to interact with financial partners and the larger world of dance, to create an enabling environment for the development of dance at all levels and the success of every individual on the national and international stage”

Our vision remains clear.- We want to build an organisation where all our dancers enjoy decent dancing opportunities, which has a clear echelon that builds from individuals to groups to provincial organisation, to national organisation and to International, having a vibrant financial support, free and fair. Although the responsibility lies with the entrusted officers, we all have a responsibility to work hard to collectively make that a reality. It is therefore important that everyone think of how they can contribute towards that campaign which will in turn create opportunities for them and others as well.

To our deciding panel of judges, comperes, scrutineer, music operator, runners and the event oversee, your support services are very key as the success of this event will only be judged and reviewed by our audience, the public and the media once you have demonstrated integrity and excellence. A special welcome to Ms Anne Lingard from England, who also serve as the Secretary of the ISTD Competitive Faculty. We are delighted for her presence as the Chairperson of Judges.

To the organisers, lead by the Foundation’s CEO Ms. Marion Baxter, thank you for your selfless efforts and continued commitments. To the Board of Directors of SADF, thank you for your valued support, however I wish to remind you to always remember the promises we made to our dancers, the steps we need to continue taking. To that, I count on you and all other South Africans to work closely with the SADF in KEEPING THE DREAM ALIVE. All the best and