1. The function of the SADF Competitive Committee is to consider, debate and implement all matters relating to Competition rules for both Amateurs and Professionals, licensing and selection of Adjudicators, administration of Competitive SADF Medal Exams, Professional Dance Diploma and Professional Exams and the granting of SADF Festivals and Championships Titles (Amateur and Professionals) in Standard, Latin, Ten Dance, Classic Show and South American Show Dance.

By Way of but not limited to:

1. Initiating Policies, Programs and Processes leading to the development and promotion of Ballroom Dance, Latin American Dance, South American Show Dance and the Classical Dance of the Foundation.

2. Coordinate and ensure standards in syllabi, assessments, medal tests, examinations, evaluations, dress codes of Competitive Dance activities.

3. Coordinate and ensure that proper allocation of dates, which are without unnecessary clashes to competitions, festivals, championships, workshops, seminars, congresses and further make sure that such allocations are in line with all Statutes of the Foundation.

4. Control and monitor good Governance in all activities sanctioned by the South African Dance Foundation Competitive Committee and have authority to discontinue such sanctioning if the Organsizers of such activities fails to reach to the requirements

5. Coordinate and ensure that the selection criteria of all dancers are standard and that the promotional or grading systems are carefully managed and controlled.

6. Recommend the AWARDING of SADF Colours and the representatives of the different grades to the World Championship events.

7. Coordinate and ensure that the database of all the dancing schools are kept and that the dancers are always registered as required.

8. Have authority over the Competitive Dance’s budgets, work within the budgets and ensure maintenance and good control of budgets as tabled and approved by the Board of Directors.

9. Assist in the establishment of the nine (9) Provincial structures while having a cordial and good working relationship with the same Provincial Structures.

10. Coordinate, compile and submit all reports from the relevant Structures, Development, Promotions and all related activities as and when required to do so by the Board of Directors.

11. Provide the necessary Business Plans of the Competitive Dance Department and recommend on matters relating to funding institutions and donors.

12. Encourage sustainable growth in the number of dancers countrywide and support all the Student Recruitment drives.

13. Facilitate and encourage collaboration of activities and good working relations with sister Faculties of the Foundation i.e. Technical, Disabled, Disco & Freestyle, Social, Theatre, Traditional.

14. Assist in the collection of all revenues related to Competitions, Festivals or Championship License fees, Competitor License fees, Adjudicator License fees and Studio License fees.

15. Coordinate and ensure that all assets of the Foundation that include but limited to titles / IPs, movable assets are safeguarded through the proper registration.

16. Observe protocol and play an active role in the functions organized by the Board of the Foundation, the South African Dance Foundation, World Dance Council and World Dance Council Amateur

2. The SADF Competitive Dance Committee can take decisions in Competitive Dance matters and the Board of Directors may veto a decision of the Committee after the debate if the Board of Directors considers that the decision does not correspond within the interest of the South African Dance


1. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall be appointed by the General Meeting of the SADF. The Committee may co-opt as follows:

1. Secretary

2. Treasurer

3. Events Organiser

4. Up to 3 Committee members

2. The Chairperson of the Committee is an Ex-Officio member of the Board of Directors.

3. At the request of the Committee or the Chairperson in consultation with the Committee in between meetings, the Board of Directors shall appoint Commissioners, if any, as they are required to carry out research and the development on behalf of the Committee.

4. The Committee may co-opt such person of expertise to the Committee as it considers appropriate.

5. The Committee may open a Bank Account without the consent of the Board of Directors, which shall be named the SADF Competitive Branch. The Bank account shall require 2 signatories. The signatories shall be decided by the Committee. The SADF financial governance processes will apply to all financial processes and transactions.

6. Meetings of the Committee will be called by the Committee Secretary at the request of the Committee Chairperson or Vice Chairperson. The Committee Secretary at the request of the Committee Chairperson. The Committee Secretary shall make such arrangements as are expedient to ensure that minutes of Committee members are circulated to all Committee Members and Board of Directors within 28 days of the meeting.

7. The quorum of the meeting shall be the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and 3 other Committee

8. Meetings may take the form of a telecom meeting or fixed venue at a specified time called by the Secretary in terms of the composition and regulation for the Competitive Dance Committee. The notice period of a fixed venue will be 21 days, a telecon meeting is 3 days

9. Communication between the Committee members may be via e-mail, fax or registered post.

10. Any decisions taken by the Committee shall be circulated in the form of a numbered Resolution circulated to all Committee members and any Dance stakeholder the Committee deems fit. Formal minutes of the Committee are deemed necessary and should be circulated to the Board of Directors.

11. The Committee may apply for funding from any legal Source it deems fit.

12. The Committee shall work towards the establishment of Provincial Structures which shall adopt the composition and regulation of these terms of reference.

13. Provincial/Regional Branch structures may open a bank account named SADF Competitive Branch e.g. Western Cape.

14. In the event of there being no Provincial / Regional structure in place, a Caretaker can be appointed by the Committee until such time as their structure is approved by the National Competitive Committee in place.

15. SADF Provincial / Regional Branches

1. May make suggestions as to the rules and regulations.

2. Grant Festival organising rights to Organisers – SADF governance applies.

3. Convene Medal Exams.

4. Convene Dance Diploma Exams.

5. Convene the consent of National Committee Professional Exams.

6. Convene lectures and workshops aimed at developing dancing in the Region.

7. Keep a database of all Professional Teachers, Trainers, Dancers and Amateur Dancers.

16. Funds for the National Competitive Committee shall come from:

1. Championships Title fees

2. Professional Exams

3. Events organised by it

4. Funding and Sponsorship

5. Provincial Member fees

17. Funds for the Provincial/Regional Branches shall come from

1. Festival fees

2. Organisers Members Fees – to be determined by the National Committee

3. Medal Exams

4. Dance Diplomas Exams

5. Lectures

6. Events organised by it

7. Funding from any Legal Source