The role of the Technical Faculty is to provide technical direction for the systems and document

integration of various faculties from definition phase through implementation. We strive to

apply significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our



This department reviews incoming documents; development plans etc. for consistency and

revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements of the various Faculties. It

strives to ensure Faculty documents and goals are in compliance with SADF Articles of

Association. It keeps Board of Directors informed of status of Adjudicators and or other

professional personas, communicates and enforces SADF standards, performs reviews and

mentors Faculty Technical Committees. Keeps stakeholders well informed of technical changes

within the organisation pertaining to technique books and current tempi of dances, dress code




Proposals have been developed and presented for the implementation of training courses and

examination of new scrutineers. This will be discussed in the near future with the Head of

Development and the Board of Directors. Hopefully this will lead to a larger pool of qualified

Scrutineers in SA and alleviate the pressure on our current professionals in this area.


There has been a drive recently by members to qualify themselves in their appropriate styles.

This is a positive sign that dancing is once again on the rise. Professionals who care about their

qualifications, tend to care more about dancing in general as it takes a great deal of personal

effort to complete exams. Candidates need to please familiarise themselves with the correct

procedure to be taken when wishing to do exams, locally and internationally. An SADF exam /

South African qualification recognised by the SADF MUST be completed (by Candidates wishing

to do an exam at the level of Associate), before any International qualification can be

completed. International qualifications completed without a local SADF Exam, will not be

ratified by the SADF.


Due to the SADF drive to incorporate all forms of dance, this department is currently working

on a data base of all existing adjudicators and their current qualifications. Once this is complete,

it will make it easy for any competition organisers to effectively and confidently select their

adjudication panels. This is however a very time consuming process, and care has to be taken to

ascertain the correctly documentation to enable us to publish a fully compliant list of



This department is currently investigating the possibilities of incorporating Medal Test and

Qualification criteria for Pro/Am dancing. We will be working closely with the Social Faculty in

the near future on this.

In conclusion: Although it seems we have a lot on our plate, I am confident that these projects

will be effected timeously and add greatly to the service offering of the SADF

Mark Engelbrecht

Technical/Standards, SADF