SADF Registration News 2017!!!!!

Renew you SADF Registration by 31 December 2016 and 2016 Tariffs apply. This is an amazing opportunity to join a progressive Dance Association with a National footprint and International affiliation to World Dance Council, World Dance Council Amateur League and WDC Dancesation. The 2017 Calendar promises to be jam packed with absolutely amazing events like Rumba in the Jungle. Don't miss an opportunity to compete at National and International level with top dancers around South Africa and globally. Join / renew your membership for 2017 by the deadline of 31 December 2016 and enjoy the SADF benefits.

All Professionals register via SADF Head Office. All Amateurs register with their local Regional Branch.

- 2016 SADF Tariffs apply until 31 December 2016: 2016-sadf-annual-price-list

- Professional Registration Form: sadf-professional-registration-2017

- SADF WC Registration Form: sadf-wc-amateur-dancers-registration-2017

- SADF GP Registration Form: sadf-gp-amateur-dancers-registration-2017

- SADF NW Registration Form: sadf-nw-amateur-dancers-registration-2017

Warmest regards, SADF Chief Executive Officer, Marion Baxter